The C.A.T.E.S. Difference

C.A.T.E.S. Academy provides ‘individualized therapeutic education’ to those youth who may be having difficulties in other, more traditional educational environments. The word C.A.T.E.S. means Cognitive, Assessment, Therapeutic, Educational Support. We also provide:

Small Teacher:Student Ratio: Our focus is on meeting the individual needs of each student. For this reason, our average Teacher:Student Ratio is 1:4-5.

Individualized Therapeutic Education: We create a nurturing atmosphere for students who may need a different way of learning.

Cognitive Testing and Assessment. At the outset and on a consistent basis, a student is evaluated using the TOMAL (memory and learning) and TOVA (attention) tests.

Positive Classroom Atmosphere: We call it the 90-10 Rule. With an average Teacher:Student Ratio of 1:4-5, our goal is to provide positive affirmation 90% of the time.

A.W.E.some Incentives: We call it A.W.E. A means Attitude, W means Work and E means Excellence. Our goal is to motivate each student with short and long term rewards for their hard work. 

Building on Strengths: Through our evaluation process, we are able to identify and begin to strengthen weaknesses while at the same time building on their strengths. Because of this, students become more balanced and thus more successful.